Our mission is to address the shortfall in locally based oral & dental healthcare services – with a particular focus on those South Australians in greatest need   


The Miller Dental Group was established in 2008 

Since this time we have become the largest private dental group in South Australia, with 15 dental clinics (including 3 specialist clinics) spread across South Australia. We support delivery of excellent dental services to South Australians of all ages and walks of life every day of the year We are proud to provide extended treatment options to those under the care of others – spanning children, the elderly, and individuals include the disabled and seriously ill – and provide health education seminars for patients, carers, professional staff and families alike to ensure sustainability of treatment services provided.
Our clinical governance frameworks are aligned with international best practice, with our General Dental Practices independently quality accredited to the National Safety, Quality and Healthcare Standards (NSQHS) 


Group Achievements

We are proud to treat more than 2% of South Australians each year across our 15 clinics We support the largest private outreach dental program for children in South Australia, visiting more than 100 facilities across the state We support the largest private outreach dental program for nursing home and aged care residents in South Australia, visiting more than 200 facilities across the state We contribute to South Australian business and are proud members AAPM, FBA, ADA and Business SA amongst others.  

Guiding Principals.

We have 3 simple guiding principals being: 

1. Promoting equity through improving access to quality preventive oral health  services across South Australia 

2. Delivering financially, socially and environmentally sustainable services  

3. Continuing to lead the way regards the provision of excellent and innovative oral health services.

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